Benefits of Non - Destructive Testing for your Business

Unlike other testing methods that can damage or destroy the object being tested, the very nature of non-destructive testing (NDT) is its biggest advantage. Materials, structures and components can be evaluated quickly and accurately without damage and without their future usefulness being impaired.

Here are ways that NDT can benefit your business:
– Improved safety and accident prevention
– Reduced downtime
– Non-invasive procedures
– Affordable
– Quality control
– Cost savings
– Mitigates environmental risk
– Enables regulatory compliance
If you’d like to learn more about NDT and how your business could benefit from the many advanced technologies that are available, please contact AlfaTest.

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Confined Spaces - Be Safe!

Confined spaces are some of the most dangerous and life threatening areas in the maritime, offshore and industrial sectors. 

Before entering and working in any confined space,  identification, analysis and mitigation of risks must be done

Entry plans, atmospheric monitoring, communication and rescue plans are essential.

AlfaTest can help you with this challenge.

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