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Grit Blasting uses grit, propelled at high velocity by compressed air using an ejector system. It is the tried and proven method of dry docks.
It is an effective method of achieving a suitable profile for a new coating to adhere to. It can be used to remove mill scale on new steel or rust and old coatings from old steel. It will not clean salt or other contaminants from the steel and so must be used in combination with High Pressure washing or Blasting on old or dirty substrates.


  • Relatively fast
  • Good for localized as well as full blasting
  • Relatively inexpensive equipment
  • Good for feathering coating edges
  • Good for creating an ideal profile for coating adherance
  • The prefered method of most shipyards


  • Requires a lot of compressed air.
  • Dirty and difficult to contain grit and dust
  • Locks in salts in the substrate so surfaces must be high pressure cleaned as well
  • Clean up costs for used grit
  • Dumping costs for used grit
3D Scanning

DmitryAlfatest provides a 3D scanning service of industrial (>2 m) and small objects (up to a few cm). It can be buildings, facilities, ships, mechanisms, items. 

Development of geodetic equipment has led to 3D laser scanning technology so today it is one of the most modern and productive measurement methods.

With the 3D laser scanner, we let a laser beam sweep over the object or area in question, thus measuring the distance between the scanner and a large number of light reflections from ground and other objects.

The scan produces millions of measurement points called “coordinates.” Together the points create the raw data in the form of “point clouds.” A person can get an exact measurement from any one point to any other point in the point cloud, to put it in a nutshell we can say that 3D scanning is an “digitalized” as-built representation of the reality.

Thus, gathered information is a vital input to create 3D environments where you can then perform simple measurements and develop the required solutions.

Nowadays, objects that require modernization and alteration, or high-precision duplication, in most cases are subject to 3D laser scanning.

We provide a 3D scanning service for you to achieve:

  • Construction industry and civil engineering
    • As-built drawings of Bridges, Industrial Plants, and Monuments
    • Documentation of historical sites
    • Site modelling and lay outing
    • Quality control
    • Quantity Surveys
    • Freeway Redesign.
  • Reverse Engineering
    • Interfacing
    • Repurposing
    • Design
  • Civil applications
Dmitry Avotin
Design Engineer
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3D modelling & Calculation

Steel structures and Machinery

Construction design

Interior & Exterior


Class, Concept, Detailed, Workshop


New design and upgrades

Geometry analysis

Research and optimisation

Pipeline design

Routing, integration,isometrics

Retrofit projects

New installation, connection

Steel Stuctures

Foundations and Frames

Confined Spaces - Be Safe!

Confined spaces are some of the most dangerous and life threatening areas in the maritime, offshore and industrial sectors. 

Before entering and working in any confined space,  identification, analysis and mitigation of risks must be done

Entry plans, atmospheric monitoring, communication and rescue plans are essential.

AlfaTest can help you with this challenge.

AlfaTest NDT
Industrial Projects

3D-Scanning, Premisses upgrade models, Reverse engineering, New Equipment Installation and Connection

AlfaTest NDT
Ship's conversion

Foundations Reinforcements New equipment Installation

AlfaTest NDT
Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS)

Onboard inspection and 3D-Scanning, Arrangement and integration proposal, Class approval drawings and documents, Manufacturing drawings and Installation design support


3D Scanning of several workshops for mapping

Non-Destructive Testing

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

Quality Management Consulting

Steel Structures Inspection

3D Scanning

Rope Access

Coating Inspection