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Our History

History of AlfaTest AB

AlfaTest AB. Historical PictureHistory of AlfaTest AB starts back in 2003. Bill Blum and Mark Denny started AlfaTest as a private business before registering as a LTD company in 2006.  Bill, an experienced NDT Level 3 engineer and Mark with his then 15 years of heavy maritime experience, were a perfect team for the start up company.

AlfaTest ABMark quickly understood the need for inspection in the darkest, but most vulnerable spaces on ships; ballast tanks; void spaces; ventilation trucks, etc. The places where no one was looking, but were causing the most problems.

AlfaTest AB. Origins

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AlfaTest ABMarine Engineer, Aivaras Beleckis joined in 2008 and has helped advance the company into its present form.