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Coating Inspection

Coating Inspection

AlfaTest AB has a team of inspectors who are certified by both FROSIO and NACE to perform coating inspections in a variety of environments.

This is an important distinction, as coating inspections require specialized knowledge and expertise to ensure that the coatings are properly applied and will provide the necessary protection against corrosion and other forms of damage. By having inspectors who are certified by both FROSIO and NACE, AlfaTest AB can ensure that their inspections are conducted to the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

It is also worth noting that FROSIO and NACE certification is recognized internationally, which means that AlfaTest AB’s inspectors have the skills and knowledge to perform coating inspections in a variety of different regions and markets.

Overall, having a team of certified inspectors is a valuable asset for any company that performs coating inspections, and AlfaTest AB is well-equipped to provide high-quality services in this area.

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