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Thickness Measurement

Each Classification Society has its own specific rules for approved service suppliers of thickness measurement, as well as scope of work for each ship. This will also depend on type of vessel, age and condition. 

Lloyds Register https://www.lr.org/en/thickness-measurement-for-ship-compliance/

DNV  https://rules.dnv.com/servicedocuments/dnv/#!/industry

Bureau Veritas   https://marine-offshore.bureauveritas.com/rule-notes-and-guidance-notes

American Bureau of Shipping  https://ww2.eagle.org/en/rules-and-resources/rules-and-guides

RINA   https://www.rina.org/en/rules

Russian Register  https://lk.rs-class.org/regbook/getDocument2?type=rules3&d=D395B44A-A984-45E8-8C6B-B89EBBEB27C9&f=2-020101-012

Non Destructive Testing

Rules vary depending on method and application. Please contact us with your specific enquiry and we will help you determine best possible scope to maintain compliance and structural integrity.

Rope Access

AlfaTest is an accredited IRATA company. (International Rope Access Trade Association). We work to stringent ICOP rules and MUST hold safety as first priority. More can be read about IRATA at  https://irata.org/

Coating Inspectors

Our inspectors are certified to FROSIO https://frosio.no/en/and/or NACE. Corrosion protection is an extremely broad term and the rules vary depending on application. From condition assessment of ballast tanks to control of process for offshore, bridges, components… the list goes on. Please contact us with your specific application and we will access the specific rules and codes for your project.  

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