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Slurry Blasting

Slurry Blasting is an effective way to achieve an HB2 level of surface preparation in limited areas with limited equipment. It combines High Pressure Washing / Blasting and Grit.
The grit is drawn into the high pressure water through an ejector nozzle and with the help of the water, erodes away all loose rust, paint and other contaminants. Slurry can be used with almost all water pressures but although it becomes more effective, it also becomes more dangerous as the water pressure increases. Generally, the higher the water pressure, the faster the more effective this method becomes.


  • Relatively inexpensive equipment
  • Cleans and blasts at the same time
  • Good for localized corrosion
  • Creates a profile for paint adherence


  • Time consuming
  • Extra cost to buy and transport grit
  • Extra cleanup, transport and dumping cost of used grit
  • Should be carried out by experienced people
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